English Pastor

Samuel Oo

Hometown: Penang, Malaysia
Doing now:
Favorite things:
Vball, LEGO, Durian, Architecture, Uniqlo & ZARA, Yellow… etc.

Faith journey: Born into a Christian family, I was named by my minister parents to be “The King’s Vessel,” but I never quite aspired to be a faithful follower of King Jesus proper--especially into my mid teenage years--until I was left literally breathless by a medical condition at 18 years old. My fragility-mortality despite being a young sportsman rocked my prideful soul and pressed me to take Life more seriously, which means to regard my Life Giver more humbly. Since that breathless encounter with God, there have been many more symbolic ‘breathless’ turning points, all of which is God’s mercy to draw me to my King and to shape me as His vessel. And hey, to now, meeting you. Whether in the eventful or the mundane, it is altogether lovely to know: A completed vessel, I am not, but I trust my King to complete the work by His own pleasure and faithfulness. Should we meet, I hope I can have the honor to tell you more about King Jesus.

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